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Getting a Lender to Approve Your $600k Mortgage While Overlooking Your Unconventional Finances (Simplified)


Fresh out of college Jason Nipton began the journey in a corporate setting with a very large real estate firm calling it his “Mid 20’s Life Crisis.”

After quickly learning that corporate life is just not for him. Jason pursued his dream of performing music for all different settings from Weddings all the way to the same corporate events with his previous employer!

Although he wasn’t making as much as he was in the corporate world, he was determined to make it work.

His wife Ariel was a huge factor in his success. Jason tells us “Her best quality is her persistence in making this life the best for OUR future.”

Ariel -who’s a registered nurse- found a house for $643,000 home… Jasons Immediate thought was “There is no way we can do this without becoming broke!?”

Hours on hours of number-crunching and soul searching they ended up getting the loan needed to get the home they wanted with EZ-FHA.

Jason– “The Online Mortgage Lender That Treats You Like a Neighbor.”

Ariel– “The Only Ones Who Seem To Understand Humans”

They ended up making the EZ™ choice when they saw the amount of money they’d be saving.

Jason– “My self-employment made it a bit more difficult to complete the underwriting process, but OFFER won our business when they showed us a combination of a navigated layout, the most competitive interest rate, lender incentives and $0 Lending fee.”

Before buying their first home, the Niptons were renting a 650 sq ft studio with an imaginable tiny kitchen, tiny living room, and no bedroom. The dream of not racing to use the bathroom before the other looked something like a 4bd, 3ba, guest room and a music studio for their future children.

So obviously, that was a huge upgrade from their “current housing situation.”

But staying in Southern California was also part of the plan so it added to the stress of “HOW” when the market is outrageously high compared to the rest of the nation’s real estate housing prices.

Ariel was actually the one to find this “Needle In a Haystack Home” while swiping through Zillow.

A “Fixer-Upper” home located 2 miles from several of Californias most popular beaches in the mid $600k’s

Ariel– “I knew it was a pretty expensive, but a single-family home for anywhere near $600k in a good neighborhood was practically unheard of in this area, so I brought it to Jasons attention”

Jason– “When Ariel put this home in front of my face I was overly ecstatic, only because I didn’t see the price yet. After I seen a 6 before the other five digits I slowly looked at Ariel and chuckled with an -are you serious right now?- look… she didn’t respond, she just gave me a sad puppy look so I said no more and began my research. After crunching a bunch of numbers It actually sank in, this is the smartest long term choice for us to buy this home.”

When they factored in the appreciation, tax and paying down principal benefits their net worth would begin to grow faster than if they were to rent.

If you’re even thinking of beginning the home buying process be sure to check out EZ-FHA

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