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7 Thoughts Basically Every Person Has About Their Finances.

Is My Interest High Out of Its Mind?:

Your interest might very well be high out of its mind, but it’s more natural than you’d imagine.

So normal, that your co-worker who brags so much about how “they make the best financial decisions” probably has 19% APR tacked on his/her loan. People can’t hide from statistics (No Matter How Much They Brag)

**2019- Nationwide Average for new account 19% APR**

So don’t let embarrassment or intimidation take you away from doing what’s needed to Build/Rebuild your credit. Because after you build trust with the Credit Bureaus more creditors will be knocking at your door to give you a better interest rate.

Should I Check On My Credit Like A Paranoid Parent?:

Does My Bank Acct Need To Be Able To Walk A Tight Rope?:

Do Credit Card Companies Commit Fraud?

How Can I Convince Someone To Co-sign For Me?

Can I really Max Out a Credit Card & Not Effect My Credit In a Negative Way?

Is There Really Such Thing As Good Vs. Bad Debt?

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